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About the Game (Destiny of a Wizard)

Destiny of a Wizard (DoaW) is my very first RPG game project created with RPG MAKER VX ACE.  After over a year of hard work and design, the game is finally finished.  DoaW is a linear turn based RPG composed over five chapters.  You'll journey through various areas such as a fire infested volcano, the pits and despair of the coal mines, to an ominous dangerous tower.  Experience old school fast pace combat similar to old school retro style games.  Watch the story unfold through text and voice overs for over six different characters!   


I invite you to journey into the Islands of the Vale, as the lone hero, as you struggle to become a true Blue Wizard!

Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale (DoaW2) is the second RPG Maker VX Ace project I've developed.  This project took nearly 3 1/2 years in the making combines all the potential I've discovered with RPG Maker thus far.  Including various new scripts, graphics, tile sets, and events.  With over eleven chapters to discover and a new battle engine incorporated, the game takes place after the events of the first one.  The Blue Wizard leaves the promise to his/her late father and decides to go out in search of adventure.  New friends, foes, and lands await the player.  This is the first game I've developed that includes all kinds of new features such as:  sailing on  boat, mini game challenges, a merc party system (something that I which I did not see much in many RM games) that has over 10 possible characters to recruit from, more detailed voice overs (with over 2 1/2 hours of recorded content), and much more! 

I invite you continue the journey of the Blue Wizard to see what shall be foretold!

After three years of developing, Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale is now available.  The saga continues as the young Blue Wizard journey's into a brand new land known as Lulisa.  New foes, challenges, and features await in the second installment.

While maybe not new in the RPG Maker world, many of the features I've added in the sequel was a new undertaking challenge for me.  Such challenges as a grand total of 13 different playable characters (Blue Wizard, the Standard ten to pick from, as well as the two hidden job classes to discover!), several mini games to undertake such as chase scenes, simon says, and many others, to sailing on a world map at grander scale.  

Based on various testings, DoaW2 can take you over 40 hours to complete!  For RPG Maker based games, that's higher than the average game!  Voice overs also take a huge undertaking as there are over 2 1/2 hours of recorded content with 8 new voice actors in the game.  Many thanks to David Camperman, who was the Narrator of the game (as well as one additional character).  There are many more features to discover in DoaW2.  Please click on the ABOUT button above to learn more!

Destiny of a Wizard 3:  Beyond the World continues the adventure and events from the previous game!  This game took nearly 4 1/2 years to complete and is developed in RPG MAKER MV!  Brand new detailed crisp graphics with the new engine are included.  New fast travel system has been added via world map - making backtracking more manageable.  New quest log to keep up with your quests.  New and old/similar puzzles return with all new hint system to help you out.  DoaW3 is more story driven this time around with the Blue Wizard and three main new party members.  Dramatic camera and battle cries come into the side view combat system this time around! 

Doaw3 has extra features added to discover and extra post game content upon finishing the game.  Nearly almost 40+ hours in content to check out! 

What's New!

6/8/23:  Destiny of a Wizard 1 AND 2 is NOW available on!  Head over to our purchase page to check it out!  Both games have been added to our main page to direct you there.  Moving forward, these games maybe included in a bundle, so if you found our games through a bundle, thanks so much!

3/17/23:  Destiny of a Wizard 3 is NOW available on Steam!  Head over to our purchase page to check it out!

3/3/22:  Destiny of a Wizard is NOW OFFICIALLY OUT!  You can purchase it directly here and on Game Jolt!  We'll be releasing other versions slowly as they come out!

3/13/19:  UltimaCJ Productions is NOW a domain name!  Please update your bookmarks to this new address!  Http://

10/21/19:  The Shower Kingdom is NOW Available for purchase!  Please navigate the links about to download and purchase the game!

2/24/20:  Destiny of a Wizard 2 and The Shower Kingdom are now available on!  Visit the purchase page to visit it's page!

3/23/22:  The live stream for Destiny of a Wizard 3 Q&A Development Stream is THIS coming Thursday!  This is a ONE TIME event with a special Pre-Show demonstrating the game as well!  Please check out the Twitch page HERE and any future updates that are not posted here WILL be posted on the Facebook Page!  Be sure to check that page!  I know that not everyone does the "Facebook Thang", It is setup that you do not have to follow it.  However, if you want updates directly to your feed, you'll need to. 


2/3/22:  Sign ups are no longer OPEN for the beta.  Please see the FACEBOOK page for Updates as well as the Doaw3 Beta status.  Release is estimated to be around Mid Apr/Mid May!

Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale is now available for DEMO download! The FULL version is now available for purchase on our main site.  Future release to Aldorea Games.   It is also on the Steam Network!


Destiny of a Wizard 2 FULL Version & Demo Now Out!

Preview Intro Trailer Destiny of a Wizard:
Preview Intro Trailer Destiny of a Wizard 2:
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