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This section contains games created by UltimaCJ Productions.  To get more information click on the "Product Details" button.  You can also access the main info page of each product by selecting it under the "About" submenu.

Destiny of a Wizard (DoW) is my very first RPG game project created with RPG MAKER VX ACE.  After over a year of hard work and design the game is finally finished.  DoW is a linear turn based RPG composed over five chapters.  You'll journey through various areas such as a fire infested volcano, the pits and despair of the coal mines, to an ominous dangerous tower.  Experience old school fast pace combat similar to old school retro style games.  Watch the story unfold through text and voice overs for over six different characters!  
Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale (DoaW2) is the second RPG Maker VX Ace project I've developed.  This project in nearly 3 years in the gaming combines all the potienal I've discovered with RPG Maker thus far.  Including various new scripts, graphics, tile sets, and events.  With over eleven chapters to discover and a new battle engine incorporated, the game takes place after the events of the first one.  The Blue Wizard leaves the promise to his/her late father and decides to go out in search of adventure.  New friends, foes, and lands await the player.  This is the first game I've developed that includes all kinds of new features such as:  sailing on  boat, mini game challenges, a merc party system (something that I which I did not see much in many RM games) that has over 10 possible characters to recruit from, more detailed voice overs (with over 2 1/2 hours of recorded content), and much more! 
The Shower Kingdom, is my third project (well more of a side project during DoaW3 development phase!).  In this short adventure, play as brave knight who is off to restore the worlds water supply as it is in danger becoming corrupted by a being known as The Naught!  Journey through four different worlds of the various elements.  TSK is special in its own way.  As you'll explore areas screen-by-screen in "Zelda" like format!  TSK also uses a new feature and that is the active time battle system (ATB).  Battle foes live on the spot.  There's no turn based this time around!
Destiny of a Wizard 3 is my fourth created project.  Nearly 4 1/2 years in the making, the adventure picks up right where the 2nd installment concluded!  In this version, I write detailed characters and make it more story driven.  The Narrator returns, but the Blue Wizard himself has a voice and teams up with three other NEW characters to the story!  Whisked away to a foreign world, the Blue Wizard must find a way back to his home world.  New features such as side view battle system and fast travel await the player!
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