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About the Games

The Story:

Since the dawn of time, the power of the Blue Wizards 
has been known to all folk. Life was peaceful for many years until an evil being known as Darklin came into the realm of the Vale Islands 


This was known as the "Darkest Hour"
Many childern. 
The battle between the powerful Blue Wizards and the 
force known as Darklin waged on for many, many years. Until finally, the Wizards drove off Darklin and he was banished to another realm.

Even though he was defeated, he was not dead. 


The Wizards sealed him away. The only way he could be brought back is by sacrificing a Wizard.  By sacrificing a Wizard, their power could be used to release the powers of darkness. 


This would break the seal that binds Darklin
Knowing this knowledge, the Wizards decided to shut themselves away from everyone. 


They decided to live in secret so that no force, good or evil, can know where the descendants of the Wizards lived. 


Our story begins here, where the Wizards reside in peace and in secret.... 

The Story Thus Then:

Since the beginning, the legend of the Blue Wizards was known to everyone.   People from all corners of the world came to behold their wonderful power.

Life was peaceful for countless ages time until a rival, Darklin came to wage war against the Wizards and everyone who opposed him.\|

This twisted Blue Wizard succumbed to the dark arts and made it his
mission to destroy anything and everything living.

While other wizards thrived on peace and tranquility, Darklin
pleasures were chaos and destruction. . .

A war waged on between the Blue Wizards and Darklin for many wearying seasons.

In the end, Darklin was defeated and he was banished by the great
Cecil to another realm never to be seen again. . .

Darklin was never truly defeated and the Wizards knew this.  They knew  
their power could also be used to bring back Darklin from his eternal prison.

For this reason, the Wizards shut themselves away in secret never to be
heard from the outside world again.

This plan worked until a Dark Mistress named Zarra craved the same desires as Darklin and wanted to bring him back.

Zarra tracked down the Wizard's hidden village and took great pleasure slaughtering every remaining Wizard except for two. . .

A young child and her father.  Before the village was reduced to ashes, the father
hid away his child and told him about the coming of Darklin.

A young child and his father.  Before the village was reduced to ashes, the father
hid away his child and told him about the coming of Darklin.

This last hope... this last Blue Wizard was sent on a quest to stop Zarra’s plan and prevent the return of Darklin. . .

As hopeless as this quest was,the young would-be-wizard did not shy from
danger.  The young child met the Sage of Light known as Lightin.

This old sage would guide him to become a true Blue Wizard.

He traveled to the glittering shores of the Vale Islands and embarked on
a quest to discover the four elemental crystals.

Slowly, the would-be-wizard unlocked his true potential!

The last remaining Blue Wizard traveled to the dark island of Dark Mistress Zarra and confronted her!

The battle is long and hard but our hero defeated her in combat!

Yet before our hero could stop the twisted Zarra, she sacrificed the hero’s father to bring back Darklin!

She uses a ritual not-so-named to bring him back and the final
battle between Darklin and our hero commenced!

The battle challenged everything in the weary warrior, but the last remaining Blue Wizard defeated Darklin and peace
returned to the Vale Islands.

Before Zarra’s Island sank into  the depths below, the hero’s father
told him to go adventuring and spread his wings.

Let the world know that the Blue Wizards live again!

The Story Thus Now:

Since the defeat of Darklin, our hero has embarked on a new journey beyond the Vale Islands.  A new chapter has begun for him.

He approaches a new land and according to the CrystalNET this is the land of

What new adventures await the last remaining Blue Wizard?  What sort of challenges will the inhabitants of the land present our hero?

Will Lulisa respect the Blue Wizards
once again. . .  or will they remain in hiding forever?

Our story continues where the hero is about to arrive at a small
town known as
Davowie. . .

The Story of the Kingdom:

There are many worlds out there, but the one that human

beings reside in is known as Planet Earth.

One of most unique qualities of this planet that it has

a large of supply of water that fuels

the world...

This massive body of water helps the humans thrive

in their everyday lives. It is not questioned

often by the human kind where the source of this

water comes from nor how it continues to flow its

essence throughout the years...

What gives the water its flourish and vibrant?

It's crystal clear of its purest form?


Little do the humans know there is small kingdom

within the depths of the ocean. So little to be noticed

yet holds no significant to the humans on the planet.


This kingdom is known as "The Shower Kingdom".

Somewhere hidden deep in the hidden Atlantic Ocean,

shrouded by human kinds eyes; The Shower Kingdom



For eons this kingdom has regulated the magical

essence that keeps the purity of the planets water

supply in check.


As long as these essences do not falter, human kind

will continue to thrive...

Up until now, however, a new threat has emerged within

the depths of darkness...


A being known as The Naught, feeds off of

the corruption property of water known as

sludge. This byproduct is also known as


The cause of this sewage was caused by the humans

who were careless over the years.


While, over time, other humans eventually prevented

other humans from corrupting the Planet; The

Naught grew in power...

Within the Kingdom, King Showden and a young

knight named Erdrick discuss their

plans to rid of The Naught.


If his corruption continues to spread, then all

purity and power of water on Planet Earth will

cease to exist!



The Story Thus Then...and Now:

After defeating Zarra and Darklin, our newly formed hero kept a promise to his father to spread his wings and travel beyond the Vale Islands.  Despite her attempts to take over and engulf the world in darkness, our hero successfully defeated her and emerged victorious!

​Everyone celebrated the Blue Wizard's success!  They all dined on cookies and other foods.  They even had cake and that's no lie.  But the celebration was short lived, as a mysterious portal whisked away our blue hero into another world...

Before he had a chance to get a bearing on his surroundings, an unknown creature attacked him out of nowhere!  After breaking off with our audience kept on the edge of their seats, what has happened to our blue hero. . . ? Our story now continues in this unknown scenario. . .

Features of the Game:


* A linear turned based RPG spanning over five chapters.

* Old school style retro fast pace combat.

* Comedy references full of derpness including "4th wall" ones!

* Over 50 various monsters to do battle with!

* Experience voice overs from over six different characters!

* Unlock magical spells as you seek out the four elemental crystals of the Vale Islands.

* A 28 page instruction manual in .DOC and .PDF formats included with the game.

* A special unlockable sixth chapter which includes several features not from the main adventure!

Features of the Game:

* A linear turned based RPG spanning over eleven chapters, nearly 40 hours in game play content!

* Old school retro combat returns with a new engine by MogHunter!

* Comedy, fourth walls, and other references with a personal touch return!

* Nearly over 75 monsters to contend with!

* New voice overs!  With over nine different voice overs played by various people, meet new and old characters alike!  Nearly over 2 1/2 hours of voice recorded content!

* Explore the land of Lulisa as well as the Vale Islands in a new world map stage select system!

* New side quests and bonus features to discover and unlock!

* Hire party members to aid you in your quest!  From the high damaging Witch-Hunter to the mysterious tales of the Poet!  Over ten different playable classes to choose from.  Select up to three party members to aid your journey!

Features of the Game:

* An ATB (active time battle) based RPG with four worlds to explore!  10+ hours of content!

* New engine design and lay out.

* Explore screen by screen in a "Zelda Dungeon Like Format" with over 500 screens to explore and map!

* Nearly over 30 monsters to contend with!

* Learn various skills throughout each world by visiting hermits.

Features of the Game:

* A new Quest Log System!  Keep track of your main and side quests!

* Developed in a new engine of Rpg Maker!  Rpg Maker MV!

* Voice overs return!  With over 800+ lines of dialog featuring three new main characters!  The Blue Wizard silence is broken and has his own voice as well!  David Camperman makes his return from 2nd installment to voice over the third game!​

​​​* A new side battle view of combat!  Featuring dramatic camera and voices from party members!

* A new fast travel system for the world map makes to the third installment!

* Laughs return as new fourth wall references, parodies, and sassy smart chests enter into the adventure!

* Unlockable content after the main story, three difficulties to play from, & bonus features included! 

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