Destiny of a Wizard III Beta SIGN UP:

Destiny of a Wizard :  Beyond the World is still in development.  When it is near completion, this page will be setup for you sign up for the BETA release!  Please observe the rules below:
The following conditions are required in order to sign up.  These conditions are similar to when DoaW2 was in its beta form.
*  The first and more foremost rule all when you sign up, DO NOT NICK PICK!  Beta feedback is appreciated  but nagging at every little thing is not and nor does help me as a developer to the make the game better.  This was one of the reasons why I stopped participating on RPG Maker's Official Web Forums.  The community itself slammed this a lot, and in my opinion, was not helpful to me learning projects nor to other developers.  I understand that RPG Maker had a "bad rap" due to bad games being made.  Careful development was put into the game project and has been thoroughly tested.  If you find bugs and issues please report them to me.  If you find other issues, like tile set design mishaps, possible misspellings, or other odd bits, please report them as well.  Just don't nick pick (aka the great carpet debate as they call it, or you just don't like those stairs because they 'clash' with a cut scene and then proceed to attack and berate me in e-mail or other forms.  Doing so WILL block you from future testings as well as this one)
* Please complete in a timely manner, if you cannot complete the game for whatever reason, please let me know and submit what you have so far it still helps!
* Please provide the name you would like to use for the credit roll for beta testers  section.  Screen names are accepted as long as they are appropriate.
* If you have any experience (past or present) with beta testing and/or RPG Maker Games, please list those as well.
If you agree to these conditions, send an E-mail to me directly to sign up: 
Please put in the subject line:  Destiny of a Wizard 3 BETA
If you have any questions, please let me know and thanks for viewing!
Beta Release is scheduled to be released later down the road.
New Preview1.png
Current Progress:

Story line:   100% completed

Map Design:  About 100% completed

Battle System:  About 90% completed

Menu/Sub Menu:  100% overall completed

Monsters Design/Stats:  About 18% completed

Player stats:  About 0% completed

Events/Mechanics:  About 85% completed

Voice Overs:  About 65% completed

Music/Sound Effects:  About 100% completed

New Preview2.png
New Preview3.png

*Public Beta Test:  This is the phase were YOU come in!  The game is tested and is reported for any bugs, issues, feedback of story/puzzle/mechanics.  While this is being done, the game guide is written.  This phase may be considered the longest depending on player(s) time to complete the game and based on what they've completed.  Typically, this phase runs for about two-three months.

*Self Beta Test Phase 1:  About 100% completed

*Self Beta Test Phase 2:  About 0% completed

*Public Beta Test Phase:  About 0% completed

Patching Phase for Final Build:  About 0% completed

Official Game Guide:  About 0% completed

Extras and do-dad's (side quests etc):  About 10% completed.

Game Status : 84.7%

Overall Status : 50.78%

*Self Beta Test Phase 1 is when the game is completed via story, events, and place holders to make sure everything works.  This includes side quests.  When everything works the way it is intended.  It moves onto to Self Beta Test Phase 2.

*Self Beta Test Phase 2 is similar to Phase One, however, monsters, stats of players, and voice overs are then now implemented.  Stats for monsters are created as the game is played so that the level *intended* to be lines up with the main story up to that point.  This phase takes longer, as it's like playing a full let's play of it.  The game is designed for "Progressive Grinding" meaning you don't have to dedicate yourself to get several levels to enjoy the story.  You might want to over level yourself to make boss fights and such easier, but it won't be required.