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A New Scenario Is Set!

The Story Thus Far

After defeating Zarra and Darklin, our newly formed hero kept a promise to his father

to spread his wings and travel beyond the Vale Islands.

After a battle with Frost, it seems he was reverse catfished! It was Zarra all along!

Our Blue Wizard was fooled and Zarra devised a new plan to resurrect Darklin!

When all was set back to normal, the people celebrated his success with a party at the town of Leah!  However, before the celebration could continue, our hero was whisked away into another world!  What brought him here?  Why is he here?  And most importantly, can he get back to his original world?  An all new adventure awaits in Destiny of Wizard 3:  Beyond the World!

Special Video of Features!

View the Video that was streamed live at the developer stream!

Detailed Features!

Here's some of the features to expect!

* A new Quest Log System!  Keep track of your main and side quests!

* Developed in a new engine of Rpg Maker!  Rpg Maker MV!

* Voice overs return!  With over 800+ lines of dialog featuring three new main characters!  The Blue Wizard silence is broken and has his own voice as well!  David Camperman makes his return from 2nd installment to voice over the third game!

* A new side battle view of combat!  Featuring dramatic camera and voices from party members!

* A new fast travel system for the world map makes to the third installment!

* Laughs return as new fourth wall references, parodies, and sassy smart chests enter into the adventure!

* Unlockable content after the main story, three difficulties to play from, & bonus features included!

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